Best 30 day SIM-only deals

At such an affordable rate, the Vodafone contract is the perfect option for any parents or guardians looking for an inexpensive SIM to give to their children. Once you factor in the automatic cashback, this is an incredible deal that gets you unlimited minutes for a minimal price.

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  • The 12 best SIM only deals for February .
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  • Best SIM Only Deals for February 12222 – Unlimited data for just £20!

With a solid amount of data included, it's hard to argue with the sheer value for money you get with this great SIM from iD. Vodafone is currently offering a range of deals on its month plans, all but the two cheapest of which come with unlimited texts and minutes. This is one of the best all-rounder SIM deals on the market, giving you just enough of everything for under a tenner.

Virgin Mobile is back with a new round of flash sales, including multiple contracts to suit all types of budgets. The unique service grants customers weekly freebies and early access to gig tickets ahead of their general release. O2 is offering roaming at no extra cost in 75 countries when you sign up. Definitely a fantastic option for anyone who loves to travel.

SIM only FAQs

EE has several cracking deals that are available until the end of January, all of them offering a hefty amount of data for a low monthly price. Signing up with EE also nets you six months of Apple Music and three months of BT Sport on the house, so you can put all that data to good use instantly. This beast of a SIM grants you an amazing 30GB of data, meaning that you'll be a hit with anyone in desperate need of a hotspot.

Plusnet already has quite a reputation for offering low-cost SIM cards with a fair amount of data attached, but with its most recent deal, the company is on to a winner. For a cost effective SIM that gives you a smashing deal on minutes and texts and a fair bit of data, this is simply one of the best options out there.

You absolutely can and, in most instances, it's actually really easy. Then you need to give that to EE, and they will keep you rolling with your familiar old digits. These are the numbers to call if you're currently on one of the other major networks:. It's a little bit less straightforward if you're already on EE, but have spotted a new EE SIM only deal from a third party company that really appeals.

The cheapest 4G SIM-only mobile deals

Once your number has transferred to the substitute network, call them for a second PAC. Then you can give this to EE and continue using that same telephone number. Pop a friend's SIM card into your phone. If you immediately get on their network, then you're in luck - your phone is unlocked and you can go ahead and buy your new SIM card. Three ships all its handsets unlocked from the outset, but the other networks require at least some effort, and usually some cash, from you see below. And Apple iPhones are generally locked completely to the network they were originally sold with.

So again be prepared to pay to unlock it to EE.

Best Three SIM only deals

There are three sizes of SIM card that you can get for your phone, and different phones use different sizes. No modern smartphones take the classic standard SIM 15x25mm anymore. Contract SIM-only deals are often the most cost-effective plans available. Most networks would prefer you stick with them for as long as possible, so in return for your loyalty they offer better rates.

SIM-only contracts typically last 12 months, though some providers also offer longer terms. The beauty of a 30 day SIM-only plan is how flexible it is.

The best EE SIM only deals and plans in February 12222

That means you can add or remove data depending on your needs, switch providers whenever the fancy takes you, and take advantage of any special offers that catch your eye. Take a look at the table above for some current deals or check our full guide to see more. The more you do online, the more mobile data you'll need in your plan.

Video is particularly data-hungry, so if you want to watch the likes of iPlayer and Netflix on the go, you'll need an unlimited or big data plan. The biggest allowances tend to come from the big networks: Three one of the only operators to do full unlimited plans , EE , O2 and Vodafone. Looking for a SIM for your tablet or dongle?

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  2. The cheapest 4G SIM-only mobile deals!
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  6. Plenty of networks offer data-only SIM plans. Alternatively, if you just use your mobile broadband device occasionally, a cheap plan with a few gigabytes may be all you need. A SIM-only deal is a contract that includes minutes, texts and data - just like a regular mobile phone contract. As a result, these plans are usually much cheaper.

    3 sim only deals - Find the best sim only deals on pay as you go and contract

    Still not sure if there's a SIM-only deal that's right for you? With a SIM-only deal, you choose the plan that best suits your needs - in terms of minutes, texts and data. The network sends you a new SIM card, which you then pop into your phone. This means you can either use it with your old phone, or you can buy a new phone and use it with that one. Once you purchase a SIM deal from a network and it is activated, this means this SIM card is permanently locked to that network , though not to your phone.

    You can easily swap handsets but keep the same SIM card - containing all your personal information, such as contact numbers, photos and messages.

    Best contract SIM-only deals

    Network offers - You may find the best plan that fits your needs is only available through a particular network on a longer contract.